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The RFM69HCW module is an inexpensive and versatile radio module. You can use it to send text or binary data between two or hundreds of modules. It’s perfect for building inexpensive short-range wireless networks for home & building automation, sensor networks, automated meter readings, wireless alarm & security systems, industrial monitoring & control, and many more applications!

The RFM69HCW transceiver module operates over a wide frequency range, including the 315, 433, 868 and 915 MHz license-free ISM (Industry Scientific and Medical) frequency bands. All major RF communication parameters are programmable and most can be set dynamically. The RFM69HCW is optimized for low power consumption while offering high RF output power and channelized operation.

The VMA348 RFM69HCW transceiver breakout board brings out all the pins and the antenna connection. Each module comes with headers pre-soldered, a 3.3V voltage regulator and levelshifter that can handle 3-5V DC power and logic so you can use it with 3V or 5V devices. You will need to solder a small piece of wire to create your antenna or you can add a uFL or SMA edge-mount connector and attach an external antenna.

By using the provided library, the frequency of the board can be set with 61Hz precision to any frequency from 240.0MHz to 960.0MHz.


  • Compatible with 3.3v or 5v I/O Arduino Board
  • SPI interface
  • Frequency Band: 315, 433, 868 and 915 MHz (programmable)
  • Suitable for LoRa network applications
  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Built-in bit synchronizer performing clock recovery
  • Incoming sync word recognition
  • Automatic RF Sense and CAD with ultra-fast AFC
  • Constant RF performance over voltage range of module


  • 168 dB maximum link budget
  • +20 dBm – 100 mW constant RF output
  • High sensitivity: down to -120 dBm at 1.2 kbps
  • High selectivity: 16-tap FIR channel filter
  • Low current: Rx = 16 mA, 100 nA register retention
  • Programmable Pout: -18 to +20 dBm in 1 dB step
  • FSK bit rates up to 300 kb/s
  • Fully integrated synthesizer with a resolution of 61 Hz
  • FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRaTM and OOK modulation
  • Packet engine with CRC-16, AES-128, 66-byte FIF
  • 115 dB+ dynamic range RSSI

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