Velleman for Makers provides creative electronics that are meant to inspire and challenge makers of all skill levels. And because no two makers are the same, we came up with four labels to indicate whether or not a project is suited for your needs.

Play labeled projects are meant for Makers who:

  • Are just starting off on your journey as a maker.
  • Are excited about learning all there is to know about electronics and programming.
  • Still require a lot of help and guidelines.

A play labeled project:

  • Is mostly an assembly kit with a limited amount of components.
  • Is accompanied by an illustrated manual.
  • Had a clear purpose and function.
  • Is not programmable, hackable or expandable (unless you get really creative!).

Do you recognize yourself as a maker in their play phase? Then check out all play labeled projects below!

Be sure to check out the other labels in order to find your match: play – use createexperiment!